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Navigate the law school admission process strategically and effectively.

There are many steps to the law school admission process and many components to a typical law school application. From taking the LSAT and writing personal statements to making decisions such as where to apply to and attend law school, LawHub helps you make sense of it all.

You may be wondering:

... How do I prepare for the LSAT?

... How do I assemble the strongest application?

... How do I decide which law school to attend?

... How do I connect with successful lawyers and legal professionals?


The LSAT® is the test that will open the most doors for you, and you want to be ready. Research shows that taking full practice tests is the most effective way to prepare for the LSAT. LawHub’s extensive library of Official LSAT PrepTests, using the LSAT interface you will use on your actual test day, provides unlimited practice. LawHub also offers LSAT lessons, drill sets, videos, articles, and other test preparation materials.

You can access several full Official LSAT PrepTests, plus a practice LSAT Writing test, in self-paced/simulated exam modes with a free LawHub account. You also get instant scoring feedback to assess strengths and improve performance. If you need more practice, upgrade to LawHub Advantage, which offers an extensive library.

To learn more about the LSAT — the format, a deep dive into reading comprehension, policies, and more — check out the LSAT Explore articles.

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Where to Apply and Where to Attend

The location, your career goals, the size of the school … it all makes a difference when choosing where to apply — and, later, choosing where to begin your professional journey. Develop your personalized list of law schools to build a report that recommends law schools according to your priorities, such as job preferences or budget. Make data-driven choices using information about employment outcomes, bar passage rates, and student-debt projections at each school.

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Admission Unmasked

This on-demand course covers several important themes and topics that will help you navigate the admission process strategically — from understanding what matters to law schools, to compiling strong application components such as your personal statement and letters of recommendation, to setting and managing law school expectations.

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Application Status Tracker

Keeping track of your law school applications can be time-consuming. With LawHub’s easy-to-use Application Status Tracker, you’ll be able to:

• View the progress of each application to participating law schools from one convenient, secure dashboard.

• See which applications are currently being reviewed by law schools and the final decision on each application once it’s been made.

• Receive email notifications to get updates whenever your statuses change.

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Prelaw Success Live Events

Join us for a series of live, online events — or view on-demand events, available 24/7 — designed to keep you informed, with topics that include mental health, LSAT prep, application components, LSAC and LawHub services, and more. Take your next steps with confidence!

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I Am The Law: A Podcast About Law Jobs

Are you passionate about the law, intrigued by legal intricacies, looking for lessons from today’s lawyers, or seeking thought-provoking discussions? If so, I Am The Law will captivate you.

We interview practicing lawyers for an insider’s look at the realities of a career in law, their recipes for success, and the biggest challenges the legal profession faces today.

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What People Are Saying About LawHub

Asking the Right Questions

LawHub Program Participant

Through LawHub’s Admission Unmasked, I have gained knowledge in areas that I didn’t even expect to be covered … for example, how to interact with law school admission representatives and what kinds of questions to ask. As a first-generation student, this kind of topic is really helpful. I found the application component part to be thorough as well, which has given me a lot more confidence that I can make my application strong enough to get into law school.

Understanding the LSAT and Costs

LawHub Program Participant

I found the information pertaining to LSAT preparation and the law school application process during LawHub’s Admission Unmasked to be most useful because this is the start of the legal education journey. The information breaking down the cost of attendance was also useful to provide insight into how financially feasible it may or may not be.

Hearing From Application Experts

LawHub Program Participant

LawHub’s webinars were most useful for me because I heard from a variety of experts on all the different aspects of applying to law school.

Building Confidence

LawHub Program Participant

LawHub offers a wonderful program to assist applicants. The range of information benefits college students through working professionals. It made me more confident in my ability to navigate my way through the next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my LawHub account to sign up for the LSAT?

Once you’re ready to register for the LSAT or to begin the application process, you can use your LawHub account’s username and password to sign in to LSAC.org (opens in new browser window) . You’ll need to complete your LSAC JD Account profile before you can sign up for any services, including the LSAT.

If you’ve already created a JD Account through LSAC.org, you can use the same username and password to log in to LawHub.