I’m Going to Law School

You’ve made it to law school! Now it’s time to get ready to perform at your best, starting on day one and every day after.

Have you ever heard that the first year of law school is like “drinking from a fire hose”? From different academic expectations, to new modes of analysis and writing, to an unfamiliar structure for class discussions and exams, law school is a whole new world. With LawHub, step into the unknown with confidence!

You may be wondering:

... How do I get ready for law school?

... Will I belong in law school?

... How do I achieve confidence to start and excel at law school?

... How do I do well on law school exams?

Ultimate Law School Prep

Curious about what to expect from law school and how to successfully transition into your 1L year? Ultimate Law School Prep — a suite of courses — builds your confidence for this next phase of your legal education journey.

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Law School Unmasked

This free introductory course uses short, interactive modules to help you get started — from taking a look at 1L classes, to getting an overview of the U.S. judicial system, to tips on creating a balanced school-life routine.

Included with a LawHub Advantage subscription:

Law School JumpStart

Legal Analysis Boot Camp

What You Really Need to Know

Becoming an Expert Learner


Traditional methods of studying do not always serve students very well. SpacedRepetition.com uses electronic flashcards, which work with an algorithm based on a century of research. Spaced Repetition users remember a projected 92% of material — and not just for a few days, but for as long as they use it. It’s also not nearly as time consuming as cramming, so students learn far more in far less time. In collaboration with Spaced Repetition Systems and exclusive to LawHub Advantage subscribers, KnowB4UGO will introduce you to a proven memorization method and help you use it to learn terms you’ll need to know during your first year of law school.

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I Am The Law: A Podcast About Law Jobs

Are you passionate about the law, intrigued by legal intricacies, looking for lessons from today’s lawyers, or seeking thought-provoking discussions? If so, I Am The Law will captivate you.

We interview practicing lawyers for an insider’s look at the realities of a career in law, their recipes for success, and the biggest challenges the legal profession faces today.

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What People Are Saying About LawHub

Prepared for Law School

LawHub Program Participant

I would recommend [LawHub’s] Legal Analysis Boot Camp because it gave me some peace of mind. After taking the course, I feel better prepared to tackle my 1L year with some foresight. As the first person pursuing law school in my family and friend group, I felt very lost before this course.

Sense of Belonging

LawHub Program Participant

Through LawHub’s Law School Unmasked, I have learned the importance of utilizing the resources and speaking to counselors and attending office hours prepared with questions if I am unsure/unclear about something. Also, the fact that I do belong and deserve to be at law school.

Sense of Community

LawHub Program Participant

It was nice to have that time with a sense of community with LawHub — people who want to help you achieve your goals and give insight to help you reach them.

Managing Concerns and Stress

LawHub Program Participant

Law school feels intimidating, and [LawHub’s] Law School Unmasked gives you the reassurance that what you are feeling is completely normal. This course explains what you should expect in your first year and [provides] tips on how to manage common concerns and stress. In only three weeks, I feel more equipped than when I started. I'm not blindly nervous; I am prepared and excited to start [law school].

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultimate Law School Prep?

Congratulations, you’re going to law school! If you’re like many incoming 1L students, you’re excited but also wondering what to expect. Available exclusively to LawHub Advantage subscribers, Ultimate Law School Prep helps you get a jump start on law school and sets you up to perform at your best from day one. Through engaging, interactive courses, you’ll understand the academic expectations of law school while getting tips on time management, how to achieve balance between school and personal life, and how to build a sense of belonging in your new environment. Check out the free, introductory course, Law School Unmasked.